(TRIGGER WARNING) Black Celebrities Who Openly Reject the “Systemic Racism” Myth

Since the spark of George Floyd’s death, outbursts of riots and protests have caused havoc among many major cities across the United States. The group primarily responsible for such acts, Black Lives Matter, claims that their mission is “peaceful” in its pursuit of justice and cultural reform. Many people find themselves questioning these claims asContinue reading “(TRIGGER WARNING) Black Celebrities Who Openly Reject the “Systemic Racism” Myth”


In a rather quixotic effort to heal severely wounded relations between police and civilians, political officials have recently decided to endorse to the new “#8CANTWAIT” campaign. This is a form of community activism that aims to “demilitarize” police, dramatically reduce jail and prison populations, totally defund police departments, and much more. Yes, you read thatContinue reading “#8CANTWAIT? More Like #8WONTWORK”